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Elephant Run District brings you The hERD Podcast, a platform for audiences to experience work by playwrights and artists performed live in New York City and then streamed around the globe on the internet. The live NYC audience is an important element of this project and we are happy you will join us! Elephant Run District is an NYC-based indie theater and film company devoted to developing the work of a core group of artists, challenging expectations, engaging our audiences, inspiring dialogue in the communities we serve, and creating long-lasting memories. The District is a place where traditions collide and new possibilities are explored in the hunt to create stories that are ultimately human.

Jun 14, 2017

Written by Bethie Fowler. Directed by Marc Atkinson. Featuring Edward Bauer and Mia Jessup. 

Zelda & Scott is about the Jazz Age literary celebrities F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. It’s a fast-paced and unexpected portrait of a much-studied and biographied pair as they meet, marry, and travel the world together. Scott wanted to be a famous author and rise above his middle-class roots to be part of the wealthy elite. Zelda was the daughter of a wealthy Southern judge and wanted independence and fame, which she hoped to find in Scott. They married young, when his star was on the rise. They spent lavishly and fought viciously. By the end of the 1920s their lifestyle had caught up with them but they stayed together, stubbornly refusing to abandon each other. This story is told with only two actors, and it is a quick but rich timeline of Scott and Zelda’s relationship, from their first meeting to their last.

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